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Congratulations to our new Executive Board Members! We wish them great success in their new positions.

30 September 2018 new LYD Executive Board Structure was formed to run LYD from 2018 – 2021

These are elected members and their positions.

Chairperson: Menzi Theo
Deputy Chairperson: Snenhlanhla Mtshali
Secretary: Lungile Msomi
Deputy Secretary: Sbusiso Sithole
Treasurer: Mthokozisi Mthalane
Spokesperson: Snenhlanhla Mtshali

Executive Member: Philile Gamede

Executive Member: Londiwe Ngcobo

Executive Member: Zamani Mathaba

Executive Member: Ayanda Msomi

These are the people who will be responsible in all the well being and success of LYD SA Awards.

1. The background of LYD Awards entails the following:
1.1 Live Your Dream (LYD) SA Awards is where we recognise different talent in the youth of South Africa. It deals more with the uprising youngsters so that they can be known and recognised by South Africa of what they are capable of doing through their talent.
1.2 LYD Awards started as a talent show in 2014. The youth expressed extreme excitement about the show. We were so humbled the way they expressed their appreciation with the support we gave them.
1.3 In 2015 we then decided to honour them with awards as to encourage them to continue with their different talents planted in them. Talent does not need any qualification but passion and willingness to work hard towards achieving what you believe in. We all get encouraged when we are acknowledged no matter what level we are on. We believe that the amazing talents and passion we observed in the Youth of South Africa can go as far as putting food on the table for their families.


1. The aim of LYD Awards is:

1.1 To encourage those who have started, inspire those who are still scared, bring positive exposure to all talent throughout the creative industry.

1.2 We want to convince young stars to realize that Entertainment industry is the business to live with and that they should bring out the talent to the foe.

1.3 To create more jobs every year for our Youth.

The Nomination categories are as follow:
01. Best Actor
02. Best Dancers
03. Best Actress
04. Best Male Model
05. Best Local Film
06. Best Female Model
07. Best Tv Presenter
08. Best Photographer
09. Best Radio Presenter
10. Designer
11. Best Artist
12. Best Poet
13. Best Group
14. Best Comedian
15. Best Dj
16. Live Your Dream Ambassador