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1. The background of SA Youth Television

1.1 SA Youth Television is a subscription and advert funded television

channel intended for broadcast on the DSTV bouquet.

1.2 It was founded by parent company EDK Media ( EzaseDurbanKzn Media). The channel intends to broadcast a minimum of

80% programming which is produced by the youth of South Africa.

1.3 The main objective to only give our platform to the youth in the arts

which is imperative to growing only our brand but availing numerous

opportunities and expansion to our economy by coaching individuals

that see the art as a hobby, the opportunity to generate the income

and in return reinvesting it into the South African economy.

1.4 By being selective and only giving these opportunities to individuals

and companies owned by SA citizens 35 years or less, we are

persistent on revolutionising the growth of the media industry by

colossal number of opportunities we’ll give only too small production



1. The aim of SA Youth Television is:

 To render excellent services to our clients

 To strive to attain stable growth

 To be dedicated to the upliftment of previously disadvantaged, through

basic skills training and job creation.

 To develop into a highly professional service that will serve the nation


 To network with stakeholders, companies and government on a national


 With a clear business plan, experience, knowledge, skills and commitment

to ensure that we assist and strengthening the country’s service sector

particularly black empowerment.


What makes it different from other TV channels?

· The channel intends to broadcast a minimum of 80% programming which is

produced by the youth of South Africa.

· We will go further by assisting film makers who have good ideas but short of

equipment and funding to start their project.

· It’s the first channel to be founded by the youth of South Africa.

· We will continuously have outrages and campaigns in search of new talents

and new faces in South African media especially in rural areas.

· We will focus on development of previously disadvantaged and under

developed emerging visual artists’ performers and communities.